Artwork by Handiedan

Different Mind Art

Different Mind Art

Whether stamps, currency, sheet music, or playing cards, Handiedan layers texture upon texture, creating a uniquely symbiotic mix of dilapidation. There’s a sense of history, or a weathered feel to her collages, informed by her knowledge of photographic design and an attraction to the tattered edges of remnants. She’s made her name in Europe, and has shown stateside at Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach, Black Book Gallery in Denver, and most recently at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle. Her aesthetic melds iconic symbols and serves as a remix of simpler quantities whose combination render much more than it’s single parts ever could. With scissors and occasional “digital wizardry” Handiedan aka Hanneke Treffers, guides the viewer into a Baroque atmosphere, accented with classicism and cleavage, dollar signs and stirrups. The sexualized side of it is portraiture reconfigured, as glamorized style and feminism intersect differently for every viewer. Rugged and refined, classic and modern, Handiedan’s collages constitute a brand new category of cohesive. They are style, epitomized.

by Evan La Ruffa

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