Our CEO & Founder

DQE’s founder, La Sandra Akesson is an artist herself and formed DQE back in 1983 while learning all that California had to offer to support her many talents and interests. She certainly remembers her roots as she generously uses this Non-Profit venue to expose and promote artists.

As a published poet and contracted artist, her collaborative efforts are a wonderful inner city blend and a tribute to her roots which were formed in Cleveland, Ohio. Without these influences (shown below) she would have never been exposed to the arts while growing up in neighborhoods where this was only made possible through outreach and after school programs. Most even provided the transportation.

Now an established veteran in fields such as Art, Culture, Music, Poetry, Organization, Net-Working, Team Building and Design, she’s deemed a definite asset at any table.

Just a few places of an earlier influence worth mentioning (click on logo to visit their site):






(La Sandra Wimbush) “Miss Right On” 1973, courtesy of Right On Magazine