DQE is a California based non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the arts for those with artistic talent and creative abilities that wish to express it using various forums. And since we consider our organization to be both community based and virtually assessable, we occasionally offer:

  • seasonal on-site instruction using our registered members
  • talent display, at established neighborhood show case locations
  • website exposure, during campaign driven causes
  • community service credit for students seeking experience
  • coaching and preparation for upcoming events

DQE also comes alongside community leaders and organizations who can utilize its networking base, fund raising abilities, collaborative efforts and general expertise. All stemming from our grass roots founder, to our talented team of artists and DQE Cast Members.

DQE was formed in 1983 and has since become an independent venue which can take its status directly to groups, businesses, schools, local centers, or other places that allow for artistic promotion. For select organizations that mirror our purpose, we also offer assistance in hosting tax deductible (cause driven) events. And you can ensure art continues to thrive by donating so that others have similar influences.


~ La Sandra Akesson, CEO and Founder